Trumpler Shirts for the Trumpler Antics

hot mess Not My President Polly & Crackers Trump

I'm sure that like the rest of the world, you've been plagued by all the trump notifications for months. You've been sitting on the couch with some wine and a bag of chips just watching with mixed amusement and annoyance at all the recent antics.

The Great Orange One has really dug himself into a big hole this time. Firing the FBI director who was investigating the president... hm... this smells oddly familiar, did I hear someone say Nixon? And obstruction of justice is considered legitimate grounds for impeachment... This has been a real cute circus, and if you're either laughing or screaming at all this buffoonery from the clown Frumpy Trump, you should head over to the shop and check out our Trumpler shirts. Join the resistance! 

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