Crop Top Summer!

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Pay attention bitch: crop tops are back, and back with a fierce vengeance. It's no longer just an obscure fad that you see once or twice on instagram, but now something you can see every day on the street.


Yet somehow, as popular as these glam items are, they still aren't something that you commonly find on the rack. Having trouble coming across one but don't want to cut up any of those old band tees? No worries, Polly's gotcha covered for this fantastic summer trend.

'Shady Bitch' by Polly & Crackers

Go on the full offensive with this crop top. If you're wearing this, everyone knows that you don't mess around. Who's gonna mess with a shady bitch that has their midriff fearlessly bared? 


'Shape Up' by Marek + Richard

Retro to the max, what's more throwback than a crop top featuring funky shapes. The vintage look is in, be it faux or not.


'Ice Cream Cone' by Marek + Richard

Everyone needs something with cute appeal. If you're looking to fulfill that cute and innocent look, this hoodie crop is perfect for you.


'2 Cute 2 Give AF' by Marek + Richard

If you want that cute appeal but lean more towards something with less innocence and more of an edge, there's a crop for that too.


'Queen of the Night' by Polly & Crackers

Slay up the game with this gold foil crop. It's the perfect piece for a night out at the club. Show 'em who's the queen ;)


'Holographic Snow' by Marek + Richard

Holographic. Enough said.


'No Babies Just Puppies' by Polly & Crackers

Show that puppy love, literally, with this Polly crop. Who even has kids anymore? No time for that.


'Octopus' by Marek + Richard

Finally, M+R has a crop for you to show off your tentacle with the perfect color blend. Plus, who doesn't love a tee with cute sea creatures?


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