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June may be coming to a close, but that doesn't mean your pride has to stop! Here are some colorful tees and tanks to keep your pride going year round, and be sure to check out Trendy Wendy (206) 322-6642) if you can't find your size here.

Gay as Fuck - Tank Top


Don't even leave them guessing with this loud and proud tank.

L O V E - Tank Top


Let the world know what you're all about with this cutesy tank.

Only Here For the Drugs - Tank Top


Hey, at least you're honest.

Shady Bitch - Tank Top


It's not truly a queer space if you don't have a bunch of shady bitches running around.

Queen of the Night


Whether you're the queen of the night or just a plain queen, this tank will get the message across.



Because having pride makes Donald Drumpf angry.



And finally, the reason to have pride year round. Let's make America gay again!

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