New Shirts and Tanks!!

dirty gay fashion golden cock mens fashion new new designs Polly & Crackers shirts tanks whats the tea yas queen

New new new! Nothing is more fun than introducing new products here at Polly, and we have a whole line-up of new stuff to show you!

Yas Queen

Yas Gaga! Yas queen! Yas queen you'd look so good all did up in this tank girl.

Golden Cock

You can be a real gold digger with this cocky tank

Queen of the Night

Whitney Houston is back, just now in a tank form

Taco Mary

A shirt for the patron saint of the love of tacos

Picture Day 1992

"Destroy them with lasers"

What's the Tea? 

You know you can't resist a piping hot, freshly brewed pot of scalding tea


You know you like it dirty

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