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We all know that the whole point in going to a party is for everyone to compliment on your rad outfit and for you to be the center of attention, All the fun and alcohol are just the cherries on top. But you have to be the best dressed while also keeping it casual and fun. However that annoying dilemma of having to find the perfect outfit can leave you raiding your closet over and over only to settle on a shirt you don't even like. No worries, cause we have the solution to your problem. Here is a list of 8 of our favorite tops to wear to a party.

Only Here for the Drugs - Polly & Crackers


Couldn't make it to the pregame? No worries, this tank will ensure you find just what you were looking for.

Cataholic - Polly & Crackers


You'll be twinning with your own shirt with this krazy kat.

Gay Jesus - Human


C'mon, Jesus is the life of every party! I even heard he'll turn your water into wine for you.

Queen of the Night - Polly & Crackers


All of your friends already know you're a queen, this shirt will make sure that Randy's plus one knows it too.

Mama Needs a Cocktail - Polly & Crackers


If you don't wanna make mama angry, make sure she always has a drink in her hand.

Powerbtm Girls - Swish Embassy


True 90s kids will remember. Expect to have a conversation about a gay crossdessing devil lobster when you wear this shirt.

Bitch Please - Polly & Crackers


This shirt will keep those rowdy party-goers from even trying to cross you. If this one is out of stock, you can find more stock here.

Harder Faster Deeper - Marek+Richard

Make sure all the boys know how you like it. What, you weren't planning on leaving this party alone were you?

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