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Funny Cat Tshirt

It started with "Naughty Puss," Polly's first cat shirt featuring a cat doing its normal daily (cleaning ass). Since human's can't lick their junk in open public (in most places anyway), it was decided the cat needed to be censored to compare the human condition to nature. 

 Funny Cat Tank Top

Everyone see this shirt/tank  with various meaning. A cat doing yoga, a cat pleasuring itself, or a cat taking a giant shit. In reality, it's my neighbor's cat cleaning itself and giving the audience judgmental, bedroom eyes. Here's a pic of our candid cat model, Sebastian, showing us his a-hole.

 Cat Butt

Naughty Puss was an instant hit, and Sebaz kept rolling with more moves. He loves drinking, and IPA's are his weakness. This cat will litterally grab a beer out of your hands, which is where this next design comes from. It's a photo that was taken on my neighbor's couch, then reduced to halftones:

 Cat Drinking Beer Tank Top

After Cataholic, Sebaz couldn't stop showing his ass and rolling around on the floor. We got a good shot of him and decided to make it into a wrap around shirt (and tank), This time we left his ass exposed:

 Cat Ass Tank

Then lastly came "Blunt Kitty" since Sebaz is insatiable when it comes to marijuana (OK that statement is false news, the blunt was Photoshop'd in. The beer in "Cataholic," on the other-hand, was not!). I owe this cat royalties :P

Smoking Cat Shirt


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