New! Polly's Cracker Sweatshirts

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It seems like the raging heat from Summergeddon is finally over and the cooler evenings are telling us that Fall is definitely on the way! Polly"s Cracker has some brand new sweatshirts to make sure you stay lookin' chill when the weather chills. 

Taco Mary

Taco Tuesday's aren't just limited to the Summer you know.


What can we say... It's a way of life.

Picture Day 1992

Bright multicolored lazers... but in sweatshirt form. Come on, this is peak retro.


A burger may not be the kind of meat that you're after, but we think this sweatshirt still gets the point across.

Retro Rainbow

Surprisingly, this is not a promotion for Kesha's new album, Rainbow (now available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Apple Music and... basically everywhere just go listen).

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