Funny Cat Shirts

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Cats are ridiculous and cat tees and tanks are IN. Here are some of our favorite cat shirts by Polly & Crackers as well as our favorite designers!

Beer Cat Shirt

'Cataholic' by Polly & Crackers

Tipsy cat drinking out of a beer bottle. This is actually our shop cat :) He likes beer, wine, and whiskey.

Ridiculous Cat Shirt

'Titanic Cat Shirt' by Rage On

This cat shirt is absolutely ridiculous yet amazing. The most.

Funny Cat Shirt

'Naughty Puss' by Polly & Crackers

Funny censored cat shirt on an off-white tee


Funny Cat Tee Shirt

'Cat Explosion' by Rage On

Obnoxious yet amazing cat shirt of a cat escaping a battle zone.

Funny 420 Cat Shirt

'Blunt Kitty' by Polly & Crackers

Funny 420 cat smoking a blunt shirt. Yas Queen!



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