New Boutiques

boutique gay fashion Long Beach mens fashion Polly & Crackers Salt Lake City shirts tees Toronto trendy womens fashion

Polly & Cracker's is always looking to take our sass and frass new places, so this week we're so excited to show off some of our newest boutiques! The Codfish Cowboy This big city shop in Long Beach, New York started off as just a small town dream. Established in 2015, this shop has a hometown feel that prides its products on originality. Check them out here. The Men's Room Polly is heading to Canada! Get ready because we're heading to The Men's Room Toronto! This badass shop has anything to fit your queer needs, from fashion to fetish. Check...

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The Best Party Tees

gay fashion mens fashion party party shirts Polly & Crackers summer tanks tees trendy

We all know that the whole point in going to a party is for everyone to compliment on your rad outfit and for you to be the center of attention, All the fun and alcohol are just the cherries on top. But you have to be the best dressed while also keeping it casual and fun. However that annoying dilemma of having to find the perfect outfit can leave you raiding your closet over and over only to settle on a shirt you don't even like. No worries, cause we have the solution to your problem. Here is a list...

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New Designs!

gay fashion mens fashion new new designs Polly & Crackers summer tanks tees trendy

We've been working hard at Polly & Crackers to keep new designs rolling out, cause who doesn't love to show up at the neighborhood barbecue sporting a brand new tank? Here are some of our newest designs to make sure that you're the statement piece    Make America Gay Again It's that patriotic season; show that good ol' American pride with this colorful tank.   Only Here For The Drugs Because let's be honest, some of these summer get-togethers need a little bump.    Na-Cho Bitch Nachos before hoes, that's how the saying goes right?   Happy summer from us at...

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Pride Gear by P&C

gay fashion gay pride mens fashion Polly & Crackers pride

June may be coming to a close, but that doesn't mean your pride has to stop! Here are some colorful tees and tanks to keep your pride going year round, and be sure to check out Trendy Wendy (206) 322-6642) if you can't find your size here. Gay as Fuck - Tank Top   Don't even leave them guessing with this loud and proud tank. L O V E - Tank Top   Let the world know what you're all about with this cutesy tank. Only Here For the Drugs - Tank Top   Hey, at least you're honest. Shady Bitch...

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Crop Top Summer!

crop tops fashion trends gay fashion men's crop tops mens fashion midriff tops pride trendy

Pay attention bitch: crop tops are back, and back with a fierce vengeance. It's no longer just an obscure fad that you see once or twice on instagram, but now something you can see every day on the street.        Yet somehow, as popular as these glam items are, they still aren't something that you commonly find on the rack. Having trouble coming across one but don't want to cut up any of those old band tees? No worries, Polly's gotcha covered for this fantastic summer trend. 'Shady Bitch' by Polly & Crackers Go on the full offensive with this crop...

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